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Throughout the ages, human history, both in industry and in the country, has been continuously evolving toward the goal of improving living standards to change. To this end, companies must understand the development trend of a few years later, and adapt to change, eliminate the difficulties, change themselves. The society is in the trend of continuous improvement. The same is true of the science and technology that we are now approaching, ever-changing with each passing day. The diversification of market demands, the changes in the international situation, etc., make the environment in which the enterprises are located is not ideal. Lack of resources, energy and man-made environmental damage caused by other new issues also continue to emerge. In such a situation, the surrounding conditions are effectively detected and controlled is inevitable, at the same time, the control of temperature, humidity, gas, dust, pressure and other measures are also indispensable.

The pursuit of comfort is the needs of people's livelihood, the pursuit of efficiency is the need of industry, control of temperature, humidity, gas, dust, pressure as a solution to resource scarcity, environmental measures is the national needs, which makes the development of various types of sensors at home and abroad market increasingly broad.

Whether a company can provide customers the products they need will determine the social existence of an enterprise.

Also, in our view, the road to success is to faithfully comply with the needs of the community, to serve the community and to make insight into people our needs and aspirations, and to establish an effective service system for this purpose, we are convinced that this is the best way to fulfill our social responsibilities, will bring more benefits to people.

People, no matter who they are, have unlimited potential for development as long as they keep trying.

DAYI company's entire staff will challenge all possibilities and explore the future with sensing technology and look forward to achieve a prosperous and beautiful future.

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